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Year 12 Tutoring

Kick your goals in the HSC with the support of our expert tutors.

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  • Experienced Tutors

    Dedicated experts, coupled with small class sizes and our proven methods, ensure your thorough understanding of complex HSC concepts.

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  • Flexible Courses

    Tailor your HSC tutoring experience to suit you. Choose from three distinct course options and in-person, online or hybrid tutoring to fit your personal schedule.

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  • Kick Your Goals

    Whether your goal is an ATAR of 90 or 99, or achieving Band 6 in your HSC subjects, we're committed to understanding your goals and helping you succeed.

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Trusted by over 10,000 students

How it Works

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    Join engaging classes led by our expert tutors to cover fundamental material and more challenging questions through a personalised workbook.

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    Complete personalised homework tackling exam-style questions to reinforce key concepts and strengthen understanding.

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    Attend tutorials for personalised time with our expert tutors to review homework, correct mistakes and identify learning opportunities.

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Frequently Asked

  • Who is Intuition Education?

    Intuition Education is Sydney's leading tutoring college for senior school and HSC students. Since our establishment in 2005, we've proudly guided over 10,000 students from more than 200 schools, fostering a commitment to academic excellence.

  • Who are Intuition’s teachers and tutors?

    Our educators are a blend of experienced mentors who have either completed or are pursuing university degrees in relevant disciplines. Possessing both strong academic skills and a natural ability to inspire, our dedicated team is committed to nurturing the growth and success of every student.

  • Why does Intuition advocate group tuition?

    At Intuition, we believe in the power of interaction among classmates and teachers. Our supportive, cooperative class dynamic is key to creating engaging classrooms that foster and enhance the learning process. For those needing extra support, we provide additional services such as tutorials, one-on-one workshops, and access to our exclusive online Ask-A-Tutor service.

  • How is Intuition different from other tutoring colleges?

    We understand that each student is unique, and our commitment lies in supporting individual needs. While all students benefit from our structured three-step cycle of "learn, practise, consolidate," our services are tailored through flexible course options, pricing, and timetabling. At Intuition, your success is our priority.

  • What courses does Intuition offer?

    Intuition offers a wide range of courses tailored to different academic levels:

    Year 7-9:  Maths
    Year 10:    Maths, Science
    Year 11:     Maths Standard, Maths Advanced, Maths Extension 1, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Economics
    Year 12:    Maths Standard, Maths Advanced, Maths Extension 1, Maths Extension 2, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Economics

Year 12 Courses

Year 12 Biology

Kick your goals in HSC Biology with the support of our expert tutors.

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Year 12 Chemistry

Kick your goals in HSC Chemistry with the support of our expert tutors.

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Year 12 Physics

Kick your goals in HSC Physics with the support of our expert tutors.

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Year 12 Economics

Kick your goals in HSC Economics with the support of our expert tutors.

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standard maths
Year 12 Standard Maths

Kick your goals in HSC Maths Standard with the support of our expert tutors.

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advanced maths
Year 12 Advanced Maths

Kick your goals in HSC Maths Advanced with the support of our expert tutors.

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maths extension 1
Year 12 Maths Extension 1

Kick your goals in HSC Maths Extension 1 with the support of our expert tutors.

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maths extension 2
Year 12 Maths Extension 2

Kick your goals in HSC Maths Extension 2 with the support of our expert tutors.

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Our Team

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Engineering & Science

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Actuarial Studies & Economics

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Actuarial Studies

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Veterinary Biology

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Science & Advanced Studies

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Science & Advanced Studies

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Software Engineering

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Advanced Physics & Computer Science

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Aerospace Engineering & Mathematics

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Applied Finance & Actuarial Studies

What Students Say

The lessons were exceptionally clear and well-structured, providing a thorough understanding of complex concepts. The teachers were highly knowledgeable and approachable.

Maxson Chen
Normanhurst Boys High School

I came to Intuition since Year 10 for Maths. I highly recommend them. They really boosted my confidence in the subject and it ended up being my best performing subject!

Shirley Qu
Cheltenham Girls High School

Thank you so much for the support! Intuition became my second home and I felt very sad to leave. On the bright side, you guys helped me get into Medicine!! Love you all - you will be missed!!

Cansu Uzuner
Cherrybrook Tech High School

Intuition helped me perfect my knowledge and exam techniques. Having achieved 5th in the state for HSC Chemistry, I can definitively state that Intuition was a key piece of the puzzle for me.

Lachlan Tobin
Carlingford High School

The teachers and tutors ensured we had the best tools needed to succeed. The learning environment is excellent. If you are looking for effective in-depth HSC support, this is a great place to find it!

Alfred Liu
Normanhurst Boys High School

The staff are super approachable and I was impressed with their dedication to meet my needs as a stressed out Year 12 student! Intuition boosted my confidence and prepared me well for school.

Amit Charan
Epping Boys High School

The centre is a supportive and great environment for studying. They were super flexible with my own schedules and studying needs which I needed a lot in Year 12.

Anahita Shoree
Castle Hill High School

Now that I'm at Uni, I realise that I wouldn’t be in my preferred course without Intuition. Thanks for the knowledge, work attitude, arguments, jokes, laughs, friendship and time shared with me.

Danny Suwito
Epping Boys High School

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