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Frequently Asked Questions

Several tutoring colleges offer a similar service but there are none that do it quite like Intuition. We don't skip steps or take shortcuts; we do what is in the best interest of our students and we always recognise that each student is an individual with individual needs. While we provide a structured, three-step learning cycle for our core course content, we also flexibly offer multiple course options so that students can find the right individual fit.

We also don’t just see ourselves as tutors; we see ourselves as developing the young leaders of tomorrow and our vibrant and energetic staff drive us daily on this path. Many of our staff members have completed an Intuition course themselves and are shining examples of our proven systems.

Intuition is a huge advocate of interaction and discussion between classmates and their teachers. This collaborative approach is one of the key components to maintaining high engagement for all students.

Nevertheless, it is normal for some parents to feel concern that their son or daughter could be left behind in a group environment. Intuition goes to great lengths to ensure this does not happen. Our class environments, learning system and strict homework policies are specifically tailored towards ensuring that each student is closely monitored and receives as much additional assistance as required. We provide our students with complementary extra help until all their work – school and Intuition both – is up to date.

Grading students can become ultra-competitive, leading to a detrimental learning environment. Ultimately, everyone learns from the same syllabus and sits the same HSC. We teach courses in their entirety, in line with the NESA syllabus, from the fundamentals to complex concepts.

Stronger students learn by hearing a different perspective and from being able to help their classmates. Weaker students better understand concepts through the questions being asked and from being assisted by their peers. We like to say that teamwork makes the dream work.

For students looking to extend themselves, we provide a range of extra resources and harder challenge questions.

Intuition is dedicated to helping students who actively and genuinely seek improvement. We pride ourselves on assisting all students who seek help regardless of their standard or ability.

All of Intuition’s courses are structured so that we begin with and build on the basics of each topic before moving on to more difficult concepts. This ‘building blocks’ process, in conjunction with our strict zero mistakes homework policy, ensures that every student understands a subject’s core fundamentals and is able to apply them – a prerequisite for academic success.

Intuition is also committed to extending students who seek a challenge. Our homework booklets for example, have a dedicated ‘challenge’ section filled with extra questions of a harder difficulty.

Schoolwork always takes priority but students that study at Intuition will be better equipped to tackle their schoolwork and achieve exam success. Our programs are structured to ensures every syllabus requirement is covered, reinforcing core concepts and maximising studying efficiency, while also providing stretch opportunities.

We also flexibly offer multiple course options so that students can find the right individual fit.

See Intuition Your Way for more information.

Many students want to accelerate; however, experience has taught us that being too far ahead can be confusing and place unnecessary pressure on students. Our course schedules cover new material in advance of school by about a month on average with additional ongoing revision throughout the year.

Our course topic ordering is structured to align with the approach taken by most schools. However, if your school is taking a more obscure approach, please just let us know and we’ll get you some help!

See Teaching Schedules for more information.

Intuition courses start in Term 4 because we want to make sure that students are prepared right from the outset. The truth is, from Term 4, it is go time! Critical examinable content is already being covered in schools and most students will also experience their first HSC assessment in Term 4 of Year 11. Starting our HSC courses in Term 4 prepares students for these sudden new pressures.

Selected from pools of hundreds of applicants, we recruit the best and brightest university students who have not only excelled in their HSC and university studies but also demonstrate superior communication skills. Once selected, our staff undergo an extensive induction and training program and receive regular appraisals to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

A unique characteristic of Intuition is that many of our staff members have completed an Intuition course themselves and are shining examples of our proven systems. 

Our materials methodically cover the NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA) syllabus providing both sound theoretical grounding and extensive practical exposure.

Our resource team ensures that all our materials are regularly annotated and updated in line with the latest curriculum changes.

We offer the ability to change classes and tutorials to another day as well as the ability to move online (for a live-streamed class). Students can make changes themselves – with a minimum of fuss – through our learning management system: MY-I.

See Class Times for more information.

We take an understanding approach to overdue homework and provide solid infrastructure for students who need additional help, though it must be stated that for success, work ethic must be reciprocated.

We also keep parents informed of their child’s progress (e.g. class attendance, homework submission, homework completion) via our learning management system: MY-I.

It’s important to note that our prices are all-inclusive. Students do not pay for extra help at Intuition. This is in stark contrast to our competitors who charge more for additional services, or simply do not offer them at all. Intuition offers extra tutorials, one-on-ones, additional materials, marking of homework for all year cohorts, help with schoolwork, and access to our unique online Ask-a-Tutor service.

See Pricing for more information

Upon enrolling, your place is secured for the entire year, and we'll provide you with a quote for the whole year’s course.

However, our flexible payment options include upfront payments, two or three instalment options, by-the-term instalments, or even monthly direct debit.

Discounts apply for some of these payment options!

See Pricing for more information

We are very confident with the service we provide and believe that our students should never feel obliged or locked into attending.

Our courses require a significant commitment. For this reason, all enrolments attend a personalised face-to-face or online enrolment meeting.

The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that the student and parents understand the course, the commitment required and how to make the most of the experience. We also use this opportunity to answer any questions and address any concerns.

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