Pre-enrolment for 2019

Enrolment for our 2019 courses has commenced.

We’ve added our course schedules for Term 4, 2018 and Term 1, 2019

Our courses

Best of luck!

To all Year 12 students, the best of luck in your final preparations and exams.

Get enough rest, exercise and try not to get too anxious , all anyone can ask is try your best!


4 week cooling off

Full refund provided; This includes the weeks attended.

Year-round refund

Never feel locked in; our students are here by choice.

'Zero Mistakes'

Focus on learning from your mistakes; mandatory correction of all homework mistakes.

No extra charges

Extra tutorials, classes, one-on-ones, online help & resources and extra material.

A tailored approach

School comes first; Ensure you get help for school assessments.