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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply for enrolments into Intuition Education Australia PTY LTD.


Students are required to be committed to their Intuition Education Australia [ABN: 56 114 031 784] (Intuition) program for the length of the course.
Schoolwork is the priority; students must also manage their time effectively to strike a balance between school and Intuition work.
Any concerns about material or progress must be communicated to Intuition as quickly as possible.
Students and Parents/Guardians are required to assist Intuition by checking student progress regularly on Intuition’s Student Portal: my-i ( Student’s attendance records and upcoming events should also be checked regularly on my-i.
Any student consistently failing to submit or correct Intuition homework without a valid reason will be subject to disenrolment. Intuition reserves the right to terminate a student’s enrolment if their commitment to the program is lacking.


Students are required to attend all classes and tutorials for which they are enrolled. If attendance is not possible, notice must be given to Intuition at least 24 hours in advance. It is the responsibility of each student to be aware of the dates on which their classes and tutorials run, including school holidays and public holidays. Students that arrive more than 15 minutes late to their class, tutorial or exam may not be allowed to attend.
Fees will not be adjusted for absences during yearly tuition. Students and parents/guardians are expected to view their timetables on my-i. Students are encouraged to make changes to their timetables using my-i. Changes to timetables may be made and are subject to the availability of places within classes, tutorials and exam slots. In the event of absence from:
Class: Student must collect the class notes and homework for the relevant lesson with the understanding that the homework must still be submitted by the following class. Alternatively, we can organise for the resources to be mailed by post. We can also organise for a catch-up one-on-one session once the student reads the notes, attempts the homework and attends the respective tutorial.
Tutorial: Students are required to attend an alternative tutorial.


Students will be given homework in each class. Submission is to be made at the next class for marking. Homework should be attempted to a reasonable standard. It is expected that at least two-thirds of the questions will have been attempted. Homework will not be marked if a reasonable attempt has not been made.
If a student is having difficulty with any homework, communication must be made to Intuition, and further tutoring sessions will be arranged. If a student cannot submit homework on time for other reasons, students are to notify Intuition and arrange for an extension on the submission date.
After homework has been marked and returned, students will attend tutorials to correct their mistakes and will continue to do so until ZERO normal mistakes are remaining. All corrections should be made within two weeks of the first marking of the homework. If this cannot be achieved, students are to ask for an extension and arrange additional tutorials until all corrections are made.


Students are expected to respect their teachers, tutors and fellow students. Engaging in any manner found to be disruptive or offensive to others will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion in extreme cases. Intuition reserves the right to terminate a student’s enrolment on such grounds.
Students will be given access to use the Intuition WiFi system. They agree to use this system as per the terms and conditions outlined when signing in.


All study material produced by Intuition Education is copyrighted and for the exclusive use of the purchaser. You may not hire out, lend, exchange, sell, store or transmit electronically or photocopy any part of the study material.
Information regarding students’ school assessments, trial and ATAR results will be disclosed to Intuition once it becomes available.


A student can discontinue their program at Intuition for any reason. At the commencement of a student’s enrolment (commencement means the first teaching event, either a class, tutorial, one-on-one or exam) you are entitled to a four-week cooling-off period for all weekly courses. This is limited to one four-week cooling-off period per calendar year. A full refund of all fees paid (including the four weeks) will be provided if disenrolling during this period, and no cancellation fee will be applicable. For non-weekly courses such as revision courses and the exam success program, no four-week cooling-off period applies.
After the four-week cooling-off period expires, written notice of at least seven days must be provided to Intuition to discontinue tuition. A full refund of the unexpired portion of the service will be given within twenty-one days of Intuition receiving the notification. A $200 cancellation fee will apply to each enrolment being discontinued. If less than seven days' notice is given for a cancellation, the student will incur the cost of the tuition for that week.
If Intuition has cancelled a student’s enrolment for any valid reason (such as misconduct or lack of commitment), a full refund of the unexpired portion of the service will be given within twenty-one days. A $200 cancellation fee may be applicable. The refund will be issued via a cheque, or if an online payment were made via Stripe (our payment provider), it would be returned to the credit card used.