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Weekly Course

For 20 years, our weekly courses have helped more than 10,000 students from over 200 schools achieve their individual goals and reach HSC success.

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Course Overview

Our weekly course is a comprehensive, structured approach to learning in a group context. With a balance of group tuition and individual assistance, this course systematically guides students through the entire syllabus, ensuring students are well-prepared for their exams. This course is designed to help individuals of all levels and abilities.

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The 3 Step Cycle

We advocate for a weekly three-step cycle that ensures our students receive holistic tuition and successful outcomes.

  • Our theory class introduces new topics from the basics through to advanced concepts.
  • This approach covers both fundamental material and challenging questions.
  • Students receive personalised workbooks aligned with the NESA syllabus.
  • These workbooks serve as comprehensive notes for future revision.
  • We put an emphasis on classroom interaction; students are encouraged to participate in discussions.
  • We run small class sizes with an average of 10 students and a maximum of 16.
  • These small class sizes ensure high levels of individual attention and active engagement for all students.
  • Students also gain access to videos of past classes to assist in learning and revising.
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  • Homework is a crucial step in the learning cycle, helping students apply their understanding of theory class material.
  • Homework also serves as a tool for monitoring and assessing students' needs..
  • Our homework questions match the styles of school assessments and HSC exams.
  • Our homework includes a 'challenge' section which exposes students to more difficult questions.
  • Students have online access to additional Intuition questions for further practice.
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  • Tutorials help students identify learning opportunities by correcting homework mistakes with an end-goal of zero mistakes.
  • Tutorials offer a chance for students to ask questions and seek further help, whether with Intuition or school homework.
  • Through these tutorials, students learn to avoid common mistakes and tackle challenging questions.
  • Extra tutorials – bookable online - are used to prepare for exams, assessments, or revision of past topics.
  • We run small tutorials with an average of 2 students and a maximum of 3.
  • Our included Ask-a-Tutor subscription enables students to get help 24/7.
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