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About Us

We believe in our students

Our Objectives

We believe that every single student has unlimited potential!

Our team work tirelessly to equip our students with the most study conducive environment and infrastructure. In turn, this ensures a high quality of service and maximises results whilst reducing the stress and rigours of the HSC.

All of our courses from Year 10 to 12 are thorough, structured and directly in line with the N.E.S.A syllabuses. We believe in careful revision, preparation and always being one step ahead of our students’ schools. But fundamental to our – and our students’ – success is our unique learning environment. We have strict schedules and homework deadlines. We expect our students to do their best and we will support them at every stage.

We combine the benefits of small group / one on one tutoring with the the benefits of  larger group tuition. One of our core principles is always providing the necessary support that students’ need to ensure they meet their goals.

  • An organisation built on quality and honesty.
  • Care, support and guidance to ensure you’re in a position to achieve your best.

Our Results

Since 2005 we’ve helped over 6000 students! You only have to look at our outstanding record* and unrivalled reputation to see the proof. We’ve helped students attain ATARs of 99.95, achieve state rankings as well as helping many more get accepted into their desired degrees. While these results are no doubt remarkable, we are equally proud of our students who achieve their own personal academic goals. It might be making the HSC All-Rounders List, gaining entry into their preferred university degree or simply scoring a mark in Band 6 for Chemistry.

One of our major points of emphasis is to ensure that every single student walks away with real value from their time at Intuition. We are not an elitist college, rather we are proud to help students of varying abilities. There is no magic solution to attaining your desired results, but rest assured we will provide the tools and guidance to aid you in achieving your HSC goals. A student’s time here is very much a partnership, as such, we expect our students to work hard and in turn we will continue to provide additional support. In addition to academics, we aim to build student’s confidence and through this achieve great results.

*At Intuition, we don’t believe in providing an online list of ATAR marks. We don’t think that this reflects fairly on the exceptional individual achievements of all of our students. Intuition does keep hard copies of student results for statistical analysis as part of our yearly process of reviewing and improving the effectiveness of our courses. We can provide this information to prospective students and parents but always stress that these results, as exceptional as they are, are a combination of the students’ efforts, their respective school learning environments and Intuition’s guidance.

Our Staff

We are supremely confident in all our staff across all the departments. They are professionals with a wealth of experience and passion. We pride ourselves on the commitment and ability of our staff. Not only are they gifted academically but they are also able to relay and tailor their tutoring based on the individual.

Our staff are our biggest asset!

What is common with all Intuition staff, across all departments, is the genuine care factor displayed and applied for the well-being of all our students.

A unique characteristic about our model is that the majority of our staff have actually completed an Intuition course themselves.

All Intuition staff undergo a rigorous 3 months induction and training program, along with taking part in continuous appraisals. Our staff include both undergraduate and postgraduates from a variety of disciplines.

All staff have cleared Working With Children Background checks.