Our Promise

We appreciate that students’ time particularly in senior high school is precious. We believe that every single one of our students must be attaining real value from the course.

4 week cooling off

Full refund provided; This includes the weeks attended.

Upon commencement, each student is entitled to a four-week cooling off period (commencement means the first teaching class, tutorial or one on one). A full refund of all fees paid (including the four weeks) will be provided.

All year round refund

Never feel locked in; Our students are here by choice.

We exercise a very lenient disenrollment and refund policy.

You have the right to discontinue at ANY point in time and will still receive a refund.

Outside the cooling off period students can still disenrol and a pro-rata refund will be issued.

 'Zero Mistakes'

Focus on learning from your mistakes; mandatory correction of all homework mistakes.

Our homework policy is strict. After attending a tutorial, if there are still mistakes outstanding, students MUST continue booking extra tutorials until all their compulsory questions are corrected to zero mistakes (we do have “challenge” questions – to further develop students’ skills and knowledge).

 No extra charges

Extra tutorials, classes, one-on-ones, online help & resources and extra material.

We never charge extra for additional help!

You may learn at a slower pace or struggle with a particular topic more so than others but that doesn’t mean you pay extra fees. We only charge for the permanent weekly classes & tutorials, when additional help is required we do NOT charge extra.

 A tailored approach

School comes first; Ensure you get help for school assessments.

School work always comes first! When you enrol at intuition, you will gain access to our all-inclusive infrastructure. We highly encourage our students to get extra help WITHOUT incurring any additional charges!