Intu Lite

A way for students with relatively little time to enrol and benefit from a lite version of our Weekly Course, following the same schedule and structure but with reduced contact hours.

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  • Intu lite does not include Tutorials - the final component of the Intu 3-step cycle.
  • Individualised progress management and adhering to our well-known zero mistake policy is also limited and optional. 
  • Students still attend weekly classes, submit homeworks for marking and re-marking, coupled with ongoing support from full access to our online Ask-a-Tutor system.
  • Given these limitations, Intu-Lite is not for everyone. Contact us to discuss it further and see if it will work for you.

Intu Lite learning cycle: Two steps & Ask a Tutor

1. Theory Class

  • 2.5 hours every week*
  • Lesson booklets are provided in every class & are directly in line with NESA
  • An interactive class, teaching theory and carefully selected questions
  • Flexibility of multiple times to pick from or to temporarily reschedule

2. Homework

  • Every theory lesson comes with accompanying homework
  • Students are given 1 week to complete and submit for marking
  • Homework consists of primarily Normal (compulsory) and a select few Challenge (optional) questions
  • Normal questions are also compulsory, as these are commonly assessed/examined  

 Ask a Tutor

  • Ongoing support through Ask a Tutor
  • Help with errors made in homeworks
  • Can also resubmit homework for re-marking, ensuring students learn from their mistakes
  • Assistance for school work
  • Supplementary videos and recordings
  • Full access to my-i app

Theory Classes

We keep our classes small – the average number of students per theory class is 12 and the maximum is 16 – so that no student goes unnoticed.

We steer clear from rote learning as much as possible, rather exposing our students to the background/derivation behind each concept and explaining them in a way which can easily be understood. 

* Class lengths are three hours for Mathematics Extension 2 and two hours for Preliminary Mathematics and Year 10 Mathematics.

  • At Intuition, we are huge advocates of classroom interaction and always encourage students to actively participate in topical discussions by asking and answering questions.

Each class

  • 12 - 16 students per class
  • 2.5 hours*
  • Start from basic fundamentals
  • Work to complex principles
  • Covers the respective NESA syllabus
  • Lesson booklet written in accordance with NESA syllabus

Lesson booklets

Each week students receive a lesson booklet written in accordance with the most up to date NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) syllabus. It provides essential structure, guiding the lesson through every syllabus requirement.

These booklets become the student’s personalised notes and a comprehensive basis for future reference and revision.


Homework is a vital step in our learning cycle as it forces students to test their understanding of the material learnt during theory class. It’s also a way for us to monitor all of our students and assess whether they need further assistance.

All homework questions are of a similar style and degree of difficulty to the questions students will encounter in their school assessments and HSC examinations. These typical questions are crucial, we highly encourage resolving and addressing mistakes.

  • Each homework has an optional ‘challenge’ section so that our students can see what the really hard questions look like – and learn how to answer them.

Each homework:

  • Consists of typically assessed questions
  • Is marked weekly
  • Correction of mistakes is encouraged through Ask a Tutor & submitting re-marking
  • Additional challenge questions
  • Consistent with school assessments & HSC exams


Intu Lite is priced at the same hourly rate as our other courses ($43 / hour undiscounted). More information on our pricing can be found here, while you can find details about how to access our large discounts here.

The table below outlines the pricing for our intu-lite courses. For a detailed quote, please contact us.

Course No. Hours Undiscounted Cost ($43/hr) At 22% Discount ($33.54/hr) Cost per 10-week term at 22% Discount ($33.54/hr)
HSC Maths (Ext 2) - Weekly Course 58 $2,494 $1,945 $884
HSC Maths (Ext 1), HSC Maths (Adv), HSC Chemistry, HSC Physics - Weekly Course 48.5 $2,086 $1,627 $740
Prelim Maths (Ext), Prelim Chemistry, Prelim Physics - Weekly Course  68 $2,924 $2,281 $713
Prelim Maths (Adv) - Weekly Cours  55 $2,365 $1,845 $576
Year 10 (Adv) Maths - Weekly Course 72 $3,069 $2,394 $570