Pricing Policy

We pride ourselves on offering a premium service without the exorbitant price tag. This information is relevant for 2021 enrolments which begin from September 1, 2020

Providing quality & commitment

Our Promise

This information is relevant for 2021 enrolments.

We appreciate that time is precious and our courses do require a lot of commitment, not only in terms of time but also financially. This page provides you with a rough framework, however, a customised quote can be provided upon request.

To ensure no questions are left unanswered, we always arrange for an enrolment meeting where we provide a comprehensive, transparent breakdown of the fees.

The base hourly rate is $41.00/hour*.
We offer substantial discounts of up to 22%. Meaning, the hourly rate drops to as low as $31.97/hour.

Please note: Our Term 4, 2020 courses have an hourly rate of $43.00 / hour.

Intu Weekly Course

Face to face in person or online
Hourly rate: $41.00
Maximum discounted Hourly Rate
$31.97 per hour

Intu Remote Learning

Online only
Hourly rate: $37.000
Maximum discounted Hourly Rate
$28.80 per hour

What's the difference

* This information is relevant for 2021 enrolments.
Our Term 4,2020 courses have an hourly rate of $43.00/hour.

We are very confident in our service and believe that our students should never feel obligated or locked in! Students can discontinue their program at any time and a pro-ratad refund of remaining fees will be issued*

Four week cooling off period

All students that enrol into a weekly course are given a four week cooling off period. If a student chooses to disenrol within the first four weeks of tuition, we provide a full refund including the attended weeks.

All year round refund

We exercise a very lenient refund policy.

You can disenrol at ANY point and still receive a refund of any unused fees.

A pro-ratad refund will be issued.

*A $200 cancellation fee may apply

Offered discounts are based on three criteria: Early enrolment (October 2020 - January 2021), Multiple enrolments and Upfront payment (or by instalments).

Up to 14% off

Early Enrolment Discount

Secure your spot and receive up to 14% off for enrolling early.

Up to 4% off

Up-front Payment

We reward paying in advance with up to 4% off for an upfront payment.

Up to 4% off

Multiple enrolments

Enrolling into a second course? We offer an up to 4% off for additional enrolments.

Our courses include all additional help you may require.

More value add at no extra cost:

  • 24/7 access to online Ask-a-Tutor

  • A vast database of online exams that students can view and practice.

  • Detailed breakdowns of progress and exam results.

  • Supervised Study Sessions, where we ensure students are being productive and receiving support.

Did you know?

The average weekly course student typically receives:

  • 20 extra tutorials per year (30 hrs);
  • 4 extra classes or one-on-one’s per year (8 hrs);
  • 8 extra revision homeworks / exams marked (4 hrs);
  • Ask-a-Tutor (online help)

This represents an extra 42 hours of tutoring at no extra cost.

Confidence in our service

  • No unexpected addition charges;

  • Always know exactly what you’re paying for in advance;

  • We are extremely comfortable with our lenient refund and pricing policies, especially given the premise that happy students generally don't discontinue