my-i is our online application to Intuition Edu students.

Students use my-i to:

  • Check and manage their timetable
  • Book extra tutorials & classes
  • View their homework progress 
  • View exam results & analytics
  • Get ongoing help from tutors


How do I get my-i?


Access on your desktop, laptop or phone at:


Only available for students at this time:

Download on the App Store


Only available for students at this time:


Experiencing a problem with my-i?

Read our FAQs

Read our FAQs below for common my-i problems and how to solve them.

Drop in and ask us

The easiest way to get help is to talk to SS the next time you’re at Intu.

Call us

If you can’t solve your problem, call Student Services on (02) 9868 7555 and we’ll help you out.

my-i FAQs

When you’re able to log into my-i, Intuition will send you a welcome email with your username and a temporary password.

If this login information does not work, you can reset your password on the login page and we’ll send you another temporary password.

Your username is the email address you gave us during enrolment. In some rare instances, your username will not be your email address.

If you’re still having trouble, please contact Student Services on (02) 9868 7555 and we’ll help you login.
Booking tutorials in my-i is a privilege for students who attend their events and keep their course work up to date.

If you’re unable to book tutorials in my-i, it is most likely because:

Your specific enrolment doesn’t not let you book extra tutorials
You have missed classes and/or tutorials
You have overdue or extended homeworks
You have already self-booked the maximum amount of extra tutorials
For more information, please contact Student Services on (02) 9868 7555.
The my-i app is almost ready to be released. We’re just making the final touches and we’ll announce it’s release soon.

Until then, you can always access my-i on your desktop, tablet and mobile at
We’re constantly adding features and making improvements to my-i. This means that at sometimes, my-i can be unavailable for 5 mins while we update it.

If you’re seeing a page saying that my-i is unavailable, please wait 5 mins and try again.

If my-i is still unavailable after 15 minutes, please contact Student Services on (02) 9868 7555.