NESA syllabus & our HSC Mathematics

Our HSC mathematics courses are directly in-line with NSW Education Standards (NESA). We systematically cover all the required content for a student to sit their relevant HSC exams. We offer three levels of mathematics:

HSC Mathematics (Adv)

2 Unit Maths

Students sit a 3-hour HSC Mathematics (Adv) exam. This exam shares 20-25% with the HSC Mathematics (Standard) exam.

HSC Mathematics (Ext 1)

3 Unit Maths

Students sit a 3-hour HSC Mathematics (Adv) exam in addition to the 2-hour HSC Mathematics (Ext 1) exam.

HSC Mathematics (Ext 2)

4 Unit Maths

Students sit a 2-hour HSC Mathematics (Ext 1) exam in addition to the 3-hour HSC Mathematics (Ext 2) exam.


All encompassing and self contained

  • Each of our weekly mathematics courses are self-contained. You only need to enrol into one.
  • Meaning, our HSC Maths Ex 1 (3u) course covers all the HSC Maths Adv (2u). Similarly, our HSC Maths Ex 2 (4u) course covers all the HSC Maths Ex 1 (3u) content.
  • Each weekly course covers all the content required for the relevant level of mathematics and prepare you for your school exams, assignments and HSC

When should you enrol?

Term 4, 2021

Term 4, Weekly Course

Our Year 12 course starts in Term 4, 2021.

Term 1 & Term 2, 2022

Weekly Course

In the new year, our weekly course continues on. We complete the entire syllabus at the end of Term 2.

Term 3, 2022

Exam Success Program (ESP)

ESP is a set of mock HSC exams we devote the entire Term 3 to this program. We recommend enrolling into an ESP for each level of mathematics. See below for more details.

Exam Success Program (ESP)

Term 3, 2022

The ESP is the best way to prepare students for their trials and HSC. We recommend students enrol into Platinum ESPs for their main level of mathematics and 5 Gold ESPs for the lower level of mathematics.

For example, a HSC Mathematics (Ext 1) student should enrol into Platinum ESP for HSC Mathematics (Ext 1) and Gold 5 ESP for HSC Mathematics (Adv). This ensure students are completely prepared and gain confidence for their trials and HSC.


Our tried and tested original program consisting of exam practice, HSC style marking, follow up tutorials and comprehensive exam reviews.

Also available in ESP Platinum 5, same great features, just half the number of exams.


The same great exam practice, marking and tutorials with less face to face time required. If you are time poor, this is a great alternative.

Also available in ESP Platinum 5, same great features, just half the number of exams.

The new (2019) syllabuses for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry have officially been released and implemented in all schools.

Physics and Chemistry had their first HSC in 2019, while Mathematics will have its first HSC in 2020.

Our Resources Team have been actively developing the new course whilst liaising with N.E.S.A. (formerly BOSTES) throughout the process. In addition, our Teaching & Learning Team have been preparing for the new syllabus for over a year with our teaching staff undergoing extensive training in the new syllabus content and structure.

You can rest assured that our staff and resources are good to go in time for the new syllabus. Our teachers and tutors have also been undergoing extensive training in preparation for the changes.