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Our COIVD-19 Response

Our COVID Safe plan includes the following: 

  • Mandatory mask policy: All students and staff are required to wear masks while at Intuition. If a student does not have their own mask one will be provided.
  • Social distancing within classes and tutorials: Rooms and dedicated seating has been arranged to ensure social distancing.
  • Regular Disinfecting: All tables and common areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected on top of regular deep cleans done over night.
  • Online Alternatives: To ensure the continuity of learning students that are at all sick (even with mildest symptoms) or those awaiting test results can move to online learning, and as such are never disadvantaged and never miss a class.

For the latest information on our response please visit our dedicated COVID-19 page.

Tutoring at Intu

Schools start the HSC course in Term 4. Most students will also have at least one HSC assessment in Term 4. Similarly, our Yr 12 courses commence in Term 4. This ensures that our students are prepared for their assessments as well as providing a head start in covering all the HSC content.

Our point of difference is our unwavering commitment to quality. We don’t skip steps or take shortcuts. Our students come first!

We have first hand and in-depth experience of the HSC. We’ve sat the HSC ourselves – so we know what it’s like and how hard it can be. It’s taken over a decade but we’ve learnt what works and what’s best.

Ultimately, our fine tuned, 3 step learning cycle is what we wish we had during our HSC.

All of our teachers and tutors are past students who have excelled in the HSC and understand what it takes – and what is needed – to replicate their gleaming results.

Intuition’s culture is unique. It’s young, vibrant and energetic.

We always do what's in the best interest of our students first and foremost.

Intuition is a complementary service to school work and provides the necessary preparation for school and HSC assessments. We teach and reinforce the same topics that are being learnt at school while going one step further by thoroughly ensuring each student’s understanding and ability to apply their knowledge.

Our program is structured to maximise study efficiency and ensures every syllabus requirement is met. Students that study at Intuition will be better equipped to tackle their school work and achieve exam success.

  • Schoolwork becomes reinforcement and solidification of what we've taught
  • School always takes priority!

We recruit the best and brightest university students who have not only excelled in their HSC and university studies but also demonstrate superior communication skills. We place a great deal of emphasis on the fact that strong academics are a definite characteristic of a great tutor. However, this must be coupled with the ability to practically relay and convey concepts succinctly.

Our teachers and tutors are selected out of a pool of hundreds of applicants. Once selected, they undergo an extensive induction & training program. We actively perform regular appraisals and hold all our staff to a high standard.

  • Academically gifted, coupled with the unique ability to convey concepts in an easy to understand manner.

We believe group tuition provides many advantages. It fosters friendly competition and peer learning in a structured, enjoyable environment.

Moreover, Intuition addresses the concern of many parents that their son or daughter will be left behind in a group or classroom environment. Our learning system and strict zero mistakes homework policy are specifically tailored towards ensuring that each student is closely monitored and receives as much additional assistance as required. We encourage providing our students with complementary* extra help until all their work (school and intuition) is up to date.

* Limited for IRL

The course requires a significant commitment. For this reason all enrolments attend a personalised, face to face or online enrolment meeting.

  • Expression of interest;
  • Reserve Spot;
  • Book into an enrolment meeting;
  • Organise timetable and issue invoice;
  • Fully enrolled student.

Intuition will provide all necessary class notes, homework, quizzes and exams. Our materials methodically cover the NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA) syllabus providing both sound theoretical grounding and extensive practical exposure.

Our resource team ensures that all our materials are regularly annotated and updated in line with the latest curriculum changes.

Absolutely! Although we follow the same syllabus, school work ultimately takes priority.

Intuition is dedicated to helping students who actively and genuinely seek improvement. We pride ourselves on assisting all students who seek help regardless of their standard or ability.

All of Intuition’s courses are structured so that we begin with and build on the basics of each topic before moving on to more difficult concepts. This ‘building blocks’ process, in conjunction with our strict zero mistakes homework policy, ensures that every student understands a subject’s core fundamentals and is able to apply them – a prerequisite for academic success.

Intuition is also committed to extending students who seek a challenge. Our homework booklets for example, have a dedicated ‘challenge’ section filled with extra questions of a harder difficulty.

In the event that a student fails to adhere to their schedule of class attendance, homework submission and its subsequent correction, parents will be informed. We use this process to understand why the student is not completing their work and then work to rectify the situation. Parents can keep up to date with their child's progress using my-i, our online student portal.

We appreciate that time is precious, therefore, it is imperative that our students don’t become complacent. We do have a lenient extension policy on overdue homework and solid infrastructure to seek additional help, but work ethic must be reciprocated.

In the circumstances that the problem persists, the student’s parents are informed and the student will be disenrolled. A pro-rata refund of remaining fees will be issued.

We offer both HSC Biology and HSC Economics, but only as part of our Exam Success Program (ESP) that commences in July.


The base hourly rate is $43/hour; we do offer substantial discounts of up to 24%. This means the hourly rate drops to as low as $32.68/hour.

On top of this, at Intuition you do not pay for any extra help. This include extra tutorials, classes, one on ones, extra material, the marking of homeworks, helping with school work, online access to our student system and our Ask a Tutor online question system. On average a student receives over 30 hours of extra help at no extra cost.

More information about our pricing can be found here and more information on discount and our effective hourly rate click here.

For more information on pricing or to receive a quote please contact us.



We are very confident with the service we provide and believe that our students should never feel obliged or locked into attending.

Students have the right to discontinue their program at any time and a pro-rata refund of remaining fees will be issued*.

For students still within their first four weeks of tuition, we provide a full refund (including the first four weeks).

We are extremely comfortable with this policy given the premise that students who are happy with our service will generally not want to discontinue.

For more information about pricing and refunds click here.

*A $200 cancellation fee may apply.

Rather than paying for each term by term we refer to this as a 4-instalment payment. These can be set at the start of each term and represent the total yearly cost simply split into 4 equal payments. To gain access to our early enrolment discounts the first instalment will need to be paid by the discount date.

While we don't enrol or invoice per term, we appreciate that comparisons per term can be helpful to parents to better understand our pricing. 

At Intuition, every term is slightly different, and this also changes year to year based on the school calendars. Our courses are designed to be a Yearly Course, just like at school. Every term is slightly different, for instance Term 1, 2022 at Intuition is 12 weeks, while Term 2, 2022 is 10 weeks. The information below is based on an average standard 10 week school term. All our weekly courses are aimed to be taught over a year.

Every term is slightly different, for instance Term 1, 2022 at Intuition is 12 weeks, while Term 2, 2022 is 10 weeks. The information below is based on an average standard 10 week school term.

Hourly Rate  Average hours per 10 week Term Cost per 10 week Term
$43.00 / hour (undiscounted) 36.4 hours $1,564
$33.54 / hour (22% discount) 36.4 hours $1,221

Remember at Intuition school always comes first, so if a student needs material on a topic done in a different term, no problems! We offer extra material, extra classes, and extra tutorials all at NO extra cost.

This is the benefit of being enrolled in a yearly course, we offer students access to an entire years’ worth of resources and help.

Intu Online

All our classes and tutorials are run LIVE online! This ensures the highest level of engagement and interaction. Students are provided help as they learn, just like a face-to-face class. We do record an online video version, but this is only used as supplementary material.

Attempting to learn from videos alone, not being able to stop the teacher or ask for help can be problematic, frustrating and simply isn't the best way to learn. Our teachers, moderators, tutors and exam supervisors all engage with students throughout ensuring that even though you're online your still part of the class.

In addition, having a structured class at a set time helps students stick to a routine, feel accountable and develop good study habits. It helps build a sense of community and also great helps to ensure that students aren't alone while online.

Intu Online is the same course that we offer to our face to face students just delivered online. Classes, Tutorials and Exams are all taught LIVE, enabling students to stop and ask the teacher questions & get help there and then. On top of this, all our normal services are still offered just communicated through a different medium. For instance, all homework and exams are still marked with feedback delivered to students digitally (via my-i).

While nothing can replicate our face to face courses, Intu Online incorporates all our traditional approaches to the remote learning environment. Ensuring that students are given the attention and care they need while studying remotely.  

Many online alternatives accept that they cannot offer the same level of service to students when online, at Intuition we remain wholly committed to providing the same level of quality and care regardless of the delivery.