Lower tuition fees and great value for money keeps your enrolment costs low and affordable. Remember, at Intuition you pay for the minimum hours and get all the valuable extras for free.

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3 Discounts Offered:

Up to 14% off

Early Enrolment

(Pay Before)

Discount period commences in September; make a large saving and most importantly reserve a spot in your preferred course and time-slot.

Pay Before

October 12, 2020 14%
November 30, 2020 8%
December 31, 2020 4%
January 31, 2021 2%
Up to 4% off

Up-front Payment

(Payment Structure)

We believe that if you are committing a larger some of money in advance you should be rewarded for it​

Payment Strucutre

1 upfront payment 4%
2 instalments 2%
3 or more instalments 0%
Up to 4% off

Multiple Enrolments

Enrolling into a second or third concurrent subject? Receive an extra 2% discount per additional enrolment (up to 3 subjects)

Number of Subjects

3 or more subjects 4%
2 subjects 2%
1 subject 0%

What is the discounted hourly rate for 2021?

Our undiscounted hourly rate:

$41.00 per hour

Maximum discounted hourly rate:

$31.98 per hour

Effective Hourly Rate

In addition to the normal classes, tutorials, exams and homework, we support and promote students getting extra help. Our course is inclusive of any additional help you may need to succeed.

Based on an average enrolment, a student will receive at no extra cost

8 hours

Four extra classes or one-on-ones.


30 hours

20 extra tutorials throughout the year.


10 hours

8 extra revision homeworks marked and questions answerde on Ask a Tutor


44 hours

On average 44 hours of extra tutoring at NO extra cost.

Including extra tutoring our rate for 2021 drops even further!

Maximum discounted hourly rate:

$31.98 per hour

Effective hourly rate:

$26.45 per hour