Online Learning

Our online student system is delivered through my-i. Our online offering aims to deliver the same quality as our face-to-face tuition. Our online system is composed of several components:

  • Live classes;
  • Unlimited Ask a Tutor online;
  • Access to resources;
  • Online marking and re-marking of homework and exams;
  • Live homework Q&As;
  • Extra classes;
  • Access to video library;
  • Monitoring of student progress.

Throughout the online approach, we maintain a high student to teacher/tutor ratio to ensure all students are looked after. We will also continue to work with students to ensure their progress is up to date and that they maintain structure.

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Example Live Class

Live Classes

Classes for theory have moved to live streams; these are accessed through my-i and powered by Zoom.

  • Classes involve teachers running a lesson and students having access to the accompanying workbooks and going through the lesson remotely.
  • Students are able to ask questions throughout the lesson and these will answered live by our team of teachers and class tutors.
  • Teacher and class tutor team on the live stream will aim to deliver the best experience possible.



Live Homework Q&A

Live Homework Q&A sessions are held to help students correct and understand homework mistakes and ensure they master a given topic.

  • Data from online marking is used to pin point common mistakes and error that will be addressed during the live homework Q&A.
  • These 2 hour sessions concentrate on commonly made mistakes in the relevant marked homework, as well highlighting gaps in understanding.
  • Smaller breakout sessions within the Live Homework Q&A provide students the opportunity to work with tutors in smaller groups (4 to 6) on specific problems. Students are grouped based on school and also based on their needs.



Videos provide support for exam reviews, revision and gaps in theory.

  • They can be accessed through my-i and can be viewed anywhere at any time.
  • These videos are also a great tool to help students catching up or revisiting a topic.
  • Topics and exam reviews are broken down into smaller easier to consume lengths.
  • The videos can also be viewed at custom speeds to make sure students can learn the way that they want.


Ask a Tutor

Ask any question online at any time. Staffed by tutors, your questions can be answered quickly*. Students can attach pictures of questions easily and get responses for urgent questions as well.

Not only useful for students to ask questions from Intuition, students can also use Ask a Tutor to help them get help on all school work.

* 90% of questions are responded to within 2 hours.

Online Marking

Students are able to upload their Intuition homework and exams to my-i, where it will then be marked by our tutors. Tutors will provide feedback for questions and the homework will be returned to students online with information on what mistakes they made.

Data from this marking will then be used to run our Live Q&As which students will attend to help correct their mistakes. Once corrected students can resubmit homework to ensure they are learning from their mistakes.

Access To Resources

We have enabled access to our resources through my-i. This will ensure students have access to everything they need to continue learning through live classes.

In addition to our workbooks, homeworks and notes, our extra questions will also be made available and can be submitted for marking like all Intuition homeworks.

These resources will ensure a continuity of learning.

Extra Classes

Even with the move to online learning, school still comes first! Intuition will still run extra classes for students on topics done out of order from Intuition, and for any upcoming assessments.

We are committed to providing all of the necessary help for students.

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