Intu Remote Learning

While nothing can replicate our traditional face-to-face Weekly Course, we are excited to offer a complete online alternative for learning the Intuition way: Intu Remote Learning - IRL.

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We aim to deliver the same approach to quality as with our face to face courses. You are still interacting with a tutor in real time, just online. There are however some limitations/differences to your enrolment.  

  • For the differences between the weekly course and the IRL course see below (Which course is right for me?)

All students that attend Intuition Weekly Courses will also gain access to Intu Remote Learning. This means if you can't attend your face to face class for any reason you can still always attend online, ensuring you never miss out on class. 

IRL involves a series of components that all work together to ensure students learn and grow in confidence. Rather than simply relying on a passive approach to online learning, our IRL system encourages and fosters active engagement. Classes, Tutorials and Exams are all done ONLINE and LIVE.

Intu Remote Learning (IRL) follows the exact same schedule as the corresponding Intuition Weekly Course. Yet unlike the weekly course, extra tutorials and one on ones are limited. Furthermore, the price has a lower hourly rate and is cheaper overall.

How does IRL differ to normal face to face ?


Intu Weekly Course

$36.08 per hour

Our weekly course with the option to have face or face or online learning with unlimited# extra tutorials and full access to extra classes

  • Face to Face and online

  • Unlimited* extra tutorials

  • Homework marked in classes

  • Unlimited questions


Intu Remote Learning

$32.56 per hour

An online only option which provides remote access to 3 extra tutorials and some extra classes.

  • Online only

  • 3 Extra tutorials per term

  • Homework marked in 5 days

  • 10 questions per week

Intu Remote Learning

* Students must be productive in tutorials they book. Subject to availability.
** Extra classes and one on one’s are run for theory. These are run for instance when students are doing topics in a different order to Intuition.
# Paying in 1 instalment before November 30, 2020

Live Classes

Duration: 2.5 hours*

Our classes are run live, through my-i and Zoom. These classes are often run as hybrid classes to allow students to gain the benefit of learning as a group. Group tuition is a vital component of the Intuition learning method.

Live classes, as opposed to recorded classes, are better for engagement and maintains the structure that is vital to learning. Our live classes are interactive and engaging ensuring students aren’t left to fend for themselves.

A teacher and a moderator present. Students will have access to the material for the lesson. Most importantly students are asked to engage throughout the class.

The teacher and class tutor team on the live stream will aim to deliver the best experience possible.

* 3 hours for HSC Mathematics Ext 2, 2 hours for Prelim Maths (Adv) and Year 10 (Advanced) Maths


Duration: 1.5 hours

Tutorials are the main method in which students can learn from their mistakes. Again, online tutorials are interactive and present learning opportunities  where students can ask more individual questions from their homework and from school work. 

These Tutorials are run through my-i and Zoom.

Ask a Tutor

Our existing Ask a Tutor function can be used to ask any question online at any time.
Staffed by a team of our tutors, your questions can be answered quickly. Students can attach pictures of questions easily and get responses for urgent questions as well.
Not only useful for students to ask questions from Intuition, students can also use Ask a Tutor to help them get assistance with school work.

  • 90% of questions are responded to within 2 hours
  • 24/7 help
  • Flexible & convenient 
  • Videos

    They can be accessed through my-i and viewed anywhere, any time. These videos are also a great tool to help students catching up or revisiting a topic.

    Topics and exam reviews are broken down into smaller easier to consume lengths.


  • Access to resources

    Access to resources is available through my-i. This provides everything students need to ensure a continuity of learning from home. In addition to our workbooks, homeworks and notes, our extra questions are also made available.

  • Marking of homework

    The marking and correction of homework is still the cornerstone of learning from your mistakes. Our online marking provides detailed advice and guidance for students to help them learn from their mistakes and improve responses. 

    • After fixing mistakes and resolving problem areas in live tutorials, submission for remarking homework is highly encouraged
The base hourly IRL rate is $37 per hour. Meaning, it drops to $28.8 per hour (at 22% discount). Click below for full information on our discounts. You still gain access to extra material and extra tutorials at no extra cost.

Base Hourly Rate



$28.80 per hour