Exam Success Program

What is our ESP?

Designed specifically for HSC students, the Exam Success Program (ESP) is a series of ten mock-HSC examinations. It’s a unique opportunity for students to assess and perfect their exam technique and gain the confidence needed to excel in the HSC. Not only will students be able to familiarise themselves with the rigorous nature, style, structure and format of HSC exams but the ESP can also help them identify areas of weakness – whether it’s a topic needing more thorough revision or the realisation that certain problems can be solved more efficiently.

All exams are marked in strict accordance with the NESA (New South Wales Educational Standards Authority formerly BOSTES) guidelines in order to provide students with an indication of how well they are performing. Intuition’s post-exam reviews and tutorials also strengthen and reinforce the learning process by going through each question and answer step-by-step.

The ESP is included as part of Intuition’s Yearly Course. However, HSC students who are not enrolled in a Yearly Course are also encouraged to participate in stand-alone ESPs.

As always, practice makes perfect and the ESP is an easy way to get it right before it counts.