Exam Success Program 2022

Our proven Exam Success Program (ESP) has helped over 8,000 students prepare for their HSC and trials.

ESP 2022 Info

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  • Sat under exam conditions in our
    examination room or proctored online.
  • Customised mock HSC exams designed
    by the Intuition resources team.
  • Fully marked to course standards with
    detailed marking criteria.
  • Hints, outcomes & simple solutions provided
  • Metrics & analysis of your performance.

  • A critical part of the learning process,
    enabling students to get tailored help.
  • A tutor guides & works through
    your exam mistakes.
  • Student specific help with theory.
  • Bring in your own questions form school,
    self-study & past-papers.

  • The most efficient & time-efficient
    way to learn.
  • Power through each exam in-depth
    with a teacher.
  • Revise and address gaps in theory,
    exam strategies & techniques.
  • Learn the best way to approach exam questions & fine-tune exam preparation
  • Revisit questions from your review-access
    to online videos.

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