Being COVID Safe

If you have even the mildest symptoms get tested and isolate until you get your results.

Reinforcing some guidelines that we have been following, (based on long standing NSW Health Guidelines):

  • If you or anyone member of your household is being tested then please isolate until the results are returned. Contact us and we can will organise online alternatives.
  • Please be weary of maintaining good hand hygiene. We have hand sanitizers throughout the building. 
  • Masks are available by request from Student Services; we highly encourage their use.
  • Social distance and avoid being within 1.5m of people. Ensure you are seated at pre assigned seats.
  • Mingling inside during breaks and before and after class is discouraged.

For all the latest information on how we're dealing with COVID at Intuition visit our dedicated COVID Information page.

For more information on testing and isolation please read the advice from NSW Health: