HSC Mathematics (Ext 2)

4 unit

The HMX2 Yearly course is for those students in Year 12 studying HSC Mathematics (Extension 2). The course consists of our Weekly Course followed by our Exam Success Program (ESP). This course represents the highest level of mathematics that can be done in high school in New South Wales.

For Term 2 all of our teaching & learning will be done online through our my-i platform. Click here for more details.

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HSC Mathematics (Ext 2) Courses

This timeline shows how our courses are structured over each HSC school year.

Choose the year that you sit the HSC, then choose a course for more information:

  • 2020
  • Enrolments have commenced
  • Term 4 2019
    Weekly Course

    Weekly Course - Term 4


    Week-to-week tutoring preparing students for the HSC.

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    Why do we start in term 4?

    Year 12, 2020 commences in Term 4 of 2019 and our HSC course starts then.

  • Term 1 and Term 2 2020
    Weekly Course

    Weekly Course


    Week-to-week tutoring throughout terms 1 and 2.

    • 20 classes

      3 hour classes covering all course content

    • 22 tutorials

      1.5 hour tutorials to complete course homework

    • 1 exam

      1 hour exam to replicate the exam settings for the HSC

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  • July School Holidays 2020

    Comprehensive Revision Course


    Gain the confidence & knowledge crucial for exam success.

  • Term 3 2020

    Exam Success Program (ESP)


    Our proven Exam Success Program (ESP) has helped over 6000 students prepare for their HSC and trials.

    ESP Platinum 2020

    For HSC Mathematics (Ext 2)

    Our tried and tested original program consisting of exam practice, HSC style marking, follow up tutorials and the comprehensive exam reviews.

    • Sit 10 HSC/Trial style exams
    • All exams marked
    • Metrics about your performance
    • Tutorials
    • Detailed exam reviews

    ESP Gold 5 2020

    ESP Gold 5 HMX1
    For HSC Mathematics (Ext 1)

    Same great ESP exam preparation, but without the reviews and only half the exams.

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    Why should I do a second ESP?

    Student's studying HSC Mathematics (Ext 2) will also sit a second HSC Mathematics (Ext 1) exam in their HSC.

    This exam represents half of the overall marks that students can earn in mathematics.

  • October School Holidays 2020

    Comprehensive Revision Course


    Gain the confidence & knowledge crucial for exam success.

  • Term 4 2020

    Tutorials until HSC ends


    Unlimited tutorials until the HSC exam period ends

Our study options

We offer students studying HSC Mathematics (Extension 2) a complete set of study options

Master the coursework with the:

Weekly Course Weekly course

Week-to-week tuition based on a our 3 step cycle.

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Be prepared for Exams with:

ESP Exam Success Program (ESP)

To ensure students are ready for the trials and HSC.

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Revise all course content:

CRC Comprehensive Revision Course (CRC)

Intensive reviews during the July & October school holidays.

How our Maths Courses work

Our maths courses cover all content required for a student to sit their HSC maths exams.
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  • Course content for HSC Mathematics (Ext 2) HMX2
  • Course content for HSC Mathematics (Ext 1) HMX1
  • Course content for HSC Mathematics (Adv) HMA

HSC Mathematics (Ext 2) HMX2 Includes all course content from HSC Mathematics (Adv) and HSC Mathematics (Ext 1)

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