HSC Chemistry

HSC Chemistry is a subject that explores areas of pure and applied chemistry. It provides an introduction to analytical and experimental methods.

The subject covers topics that include, Equilibrium Reactions, Acid & Base Reactions, Organic Chemistry Nomenclature, Organic Chemistry Reaction Pathways, Chemical Identification, Mass Spectrometry, IR Spectrometry and NMR.

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HSC Chemistry - Timeline

The timeline below illustrates how we progress through Year 12, starting from Term 4, 2020 to the end of the HSC in 2021.

  • 2021
  • For those sitting their HSC in 2021
  • Term 1 and Term 2 2021
    Weekly Course

    Weekly Course

    • 24 weeks
    • Finished

    This course is a continuation of our Term 4 Weekly Course. The entire HSC syllabus will be covered by the end of Term 2, leaving ample time for revision and exam preparation.

    • 19 classes

      2.5 hour weekly classes covering course content and developing critical exam style technique

    • 21 tutorials

      1.5 hour weekly tutorials to correct homework mistakes and to address any additional questions

    • 1 Exam

      An exam to replicate the exam settings for the HSC

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  • July School Holidays 2021
    Comprehensive Revision Course

    July Comprehensive Revision Course

    • 1 weeks
    • Finished

    This is a stand-alone course. It is a question-based course that provides topic by topic revision of the entire syllabus. Students are exposed to a wide array of exam style questions aimed to consolidate knowledge and increase confidence.

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  • Term 3 2021

    Exam Success Program (ESP)

    • 13 weeks
    • Finished

    A series of mock HSC examinations conducted under strict exam conditions to acclimatise students to systematic problem solving in a time-pressured environment. All exams are marked in accordance with NESA marking criteria, followed by exam reviews and tutorials.

    • Sit up to to 10 mock HSC exams

    • All exams marked in accordance to NESA (NSW Education Standard Authority) criterion

    • Detailed metrics about your performance

      Identify topic strengths and weaknesses

    • Tutorials

    • Detailed Exam Reviews

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  • October School Holidays 2021
    Comprehensive Revision Course

    October Comprehensive Revision Course

    • 2 weeks
    • Finished

    The same great revision course as in July, focused heavily on preparing students for the upcoming HSC.

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Our study options

We offer students studying HSC Chemistry a variety of study options.

Master the coursework with:

Week-to-week tuition based on a our 3 step cycle.

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Be prepared for exams with:

To ensure students are ready for their trials and HSC.

Exam Success Program
Revise all course content with:

Intensive reviews during the July & October school holidays.

Comprehensive Revision Course