Intu Remote Learning (IRL) follows the exact same schedule as the corresponding Intuition Weekly Course. Yet unlike the weekly course, extra tutorials and one on ones are limited. Furthermore, the price has a lower hourly rate and is cheaper overall.

How does IRL differ to normal face to face ?


Intu Weekly Course

$36.08 per hour

Our weekly course with the option to have face or face or online learning with unlimited# extra tutorials and full access to extra classes

  • Face to Face and online

  • Unlimited* extra tutorials

  • Homework marked in classes

  • Unlimited questions


Intu Remote Learning

$32.56 per hour

An online only option which provides remote access to 3 extra tutorials and some extra classes.

  • Online only

  • 3 Extra tutorials per term

  • Homework marked in 5 days

  • 10 questions per week

Intu Remote Learning

* Students must be productive in tutorials they book. Subject to availability.
** Extra classes and one on one’s are run for theory. These are run for instance when students are doing topics in a different order to Intuition.
# Paying in 1 instalment before November 30, 2020