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If you’re feeling overwhelmed when you start your study sessions, it’s important to remember that a lot of people go through similar study stress and there's quite a bit you can do to manage it.

In this blog we give you some tips on how to make a study schedule that will suit and support you.

Published June 20th 2022, written by Louise Z

A series of fun virtual backgrounds you can use on in your online classes, tutorials or online study sessions. Almost like you were back at Intu!

Published March 31st 2021.

zoom bg

A look into our new home, and how we designed and built it. We also highlight some of the important features of the new building.

Published March 31st 2021, written by Anand M

A summary to help you understand the intricacies of the 2021/22 Federal Budget. We also highlight its projected influence on the Australian Economy.

Published March 23rd 2021, written by Proteeti M and Parthraj S

HE Budget Summary